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The purpose of the Society for Women in Marine Science, Oregon chapter (SWMS Oregon) is to develop a support network for growth, advancement, and awareness of women in marine science. Through SWMS Oregon we strive to bridge the institutional gap across university marine science programs and unite with industry leaders, community colleges, and K-12 schools to further encourage women to pursue careers and interest in marine science. As a collective, SWMS Oregon will cultivate discussion, presentation, and mentoring to provide an inclusive, diverse community of members passionate about marine science. We hope that SWMS Oregon broadens community awareness of the strengths and challenges that encompass women and other minorities in marine science.


As a new-founded organization, we invite any individual interested in furthering this mission to become a part of SWMS Oregon! Through a diverse, inclusive framework, we hope the marine science community will grow together cultivate a community of inquiry and support throughout Oregon.